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Our transportation services in Costa Rica offers several tours with the best market rates, You may also ask one of our packages with accommodation and breakfast included. All of reprogramming with our transfers are easily customized to your preferences. Or we suggest you put together a completely new, as desired program. Additional Transportation services

  • Private transport inside and outside the country
  • Transport to the corporate sector
  • Transport for diplomatic activities, government and state
  • Transportation for special events and conventions
  • Transport for domestic and foreign tourism
  • Transport for employees
  • Transport individual travelers, families and students
  • Travel agency Day trips

At serves round-trips with car, motorcycle rental, transfers from hotel to hotel and domestic flights. A combination of different means of transport naturalist is also an option.

For example, you drive yourself to the south and return flights from Puerto Jimenez to San Jose. Whether you make a round trip by car or motorbike rentals, and after a beach extension you will a transfer back to San Jose … Below is some useful information about transportation options during your vacation. Ideal way to explore Costa Rica freely with a rental car. Traveling private, at your own pace, go and stop when you want and you will probably more often in contact with the locals.

Driving in Costa Rica, even though it is different from the flat Belgium or the Netherlands, it is easy to do. Most roads are paved and with a few exceptions, even the dirt roads in fair condition. The signage is clear and the distances are relatively short.

Keep in mind that 120km / h highways do not exist here. Two lanes here is standard and all the cornering and constant climbs and descents in mountain areas can average this comes to 40 or 50km / h through the country. But that’s just convenient, more time to enjoy all the beautiful landscapes ….

Most places can be reached with a normal car, but for more comfort and safety is a 4x4 vehicle still recommended, get a 4x4 car at call 506 8875 6262 find it google map especially for mountain areas with unpaved roads such as Monteverde, Rincon de la Vieja and San Gerardo de Dota. If you prefer renting a car then a trip transfers with the ideal solution. You will travel with a shuttle service from one to the other destination and once on site, you can use taxis or transport to the hotel. For such trips we work with Interbus Shuttle Service, a private bus company which provides reliable transport from hotel to hotel.

Those shuttle buses commute every day and back between San Jose and most tourist destinations in the Caribbean and Pacific coast, as well as the Arenal / Monteverde region and there are daily connections between most destinations.

With Interbus traveling in a private van with air conditioning and an international company, directly from hotel to hotel, with just a bathroom break on longer journeys or a transfer stop on some routes. This is not a sightseeing tour and the drivers, even though they often speak some English, are no guides. If you also want a guide that can also be controlled by

We work with professional local guides in Spanish, English. If you want to spend time on land transport than flying a solution for domestic flights here you are rarely more than an hour on the road.

You can reserve both tickets only at Trans Costa Rica Tours or request a trip tailor-made with domestic flights. We work with Nature Air, the largest domestic airline j in Costa Rica. They offer daily flights to most tourist destinations in the country, as well as to Bocas del Toro in Panama (three times per week).

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